We provide your practice with a cost effective and compliant Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management system – along with a dedicated account team at your service.

We will continue to learn and evolve with the latest industry and regulatory changes.

Our Guarantee

In addition to the following guarantees, we also conduct quality calibration sessions to evaluate performance against our SLA.

Coding and Billing Excellence - Our medical coding professionals are ambitious and efficient. Armed with years of coding experience and rigorous training, our AAPC and NAAC certified coders deliver the level of productivity and accuracy that our clients deserve.

ISO And HIPAA Compliant Work Environment - We adapt to change, and benchmark for continuous improvement. From processors that are result driven to systems that are built to protect information, our work environment is designed to enable maximum outcome.

We’ve placed user level PC security configurations and up-to-date firewalls and antivirus tools to ensure maximum security along with biometric access to the production area to prevent unauthorized access. We also use CCTV monitoring of all production floors while securing the workplace with 24/7 security personnel.

Robust Systems and Processes - Our RCM processes have been tested against time for success. Our knowledge management systems retain and elevate domain expertise while we ensure internal compliance through quarterly audits. We also maintain Client Process Playbooks as an ongoing instruction manual that we refer and abide by according to our client’s requirements during operations and training.

Platform Agnostic - We are adept in working on most of the available billing software’s giving you the flexibility of choice. We guarantee a seamless integration with your business, giving you the freedom to proceed with your routine.

Analytics - We provide customized weekly/monthly/annual reports, allowing you to visualize your business performance using metrics that will supply you with accurate input to make informed strategic decisions.

  • Minimum of 5%-10% collections within 90 days
  • 96% of claims get paid on first submission
  • Significant reductions in A/R days and denials
  • Zero ICD-10 disruption

Services Provided

We deliver the following as an extension of your practice.


Credentialing / Contracting

Patient Demographics Entry

  • 100% completed within 24 hours of receipt

Verification of Eligibility / Benefits

  • 95% completed within 24 hours of receipt

Claim Entry / Charge Posting

  • 98% completed within 24 hours of receipt


  • 98% completed within 24 hours of receipt

Electronic / Paper Claim Submission

  • Clean claims submitted within 24 hours of receipt

Payment / Correspondence Posting

  • 98% completed within 24 hours of receipt

Overpayment and Credit Balance Resolution

  • 95% completed within 72 hours of identification

AR Follow up / Denial Management / Appeals Management

  • 98% collected with 90 days

Patient Statement Review and Patient Billing

  • Same day submission of balances

Reporting / Analytics on Practice Health performance

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annual customized performance reports

Quarterly / Annual Compliance Audits

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