About Us

OptimusOne was founded by a General Physician graduate, fed up with insurance company payment issues, ever-changing regulations, constant billing code problems and lost revenue.


After extensive research, a team was built, a strategy was refined, and the problems were fixed. The team eased the administrative burden and delivered significant financial results. After providing these services for a few physician friends, a company was born.


Rilwan Ismail
Founding Member

Rilwan is the founder of OptimusOne and is responsible for OptimusOne’s overall vision, strategy, and client relationships. Rilwan has more than 11 years of Revenue Cycle Management experience – in almost every possible leadership role: Founder, Consultant, and Sr. Manager. Rilwan has a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree, speaks four languages, and is a certified coder as well.

Harshana Subasinghe
Managing Member

Harshana is the Managing Partner for OptimusOne and is responsible for day-to-day management, operations, and account auditing. Harshana has more than 15 years of experience providing tax, audit, and advisory services to corporate clients. Prior to OptimusOne, Harshana worked for a Big 4 Accounting firm with a focus on Corporate & Partnership tax and Forensic Accounting auditing practices.

Shannon Duffy
Director of IT/Sales

Shannon is responsible for OptimusOne’s cybersecurity and IT practices to ensure the security and protection of patient and financial data. Over the past 20 years, Shannon has worked with his share of law firms, accountants, banks, and insurance companies. Shannon has also worked with the United Nations, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Department of Housing, and Lockheed Martin.

Our Promise

Billing and Coding is complicated – the current medical billing system features over 150,000 codes.

We can help.
And increase your revenue.

Our core values are reflected in:

Our people

Reliable and dedicated, our people are the core of our operation. We put our billing and coding, accounting, financial and cybersecurity expertise to work for you.

Our service

We provide end-to-end healthcare revenue cycle management services that reduces payroll cost, improves efficiency, and above all, increases your revenue while keeping your patients happy and well looked-after.

Our process

Prompt and effective, our RCM system processes include a fully-trained, dedicated account team to serve you and your staff.

Our approach

Our RCM audit, billing and coding, and implementation processes are tried and tested. We analyze, strategize, and then integrate with your business to maximize your revenue.